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27th September 20
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We Are Reading

'We are Reading' Campaign

We are all well aware of the importance of reading and how lack of reading stamina disadvantages children not only in exams but in their future prospects in the work place and society.

To foster a culture of reading for pleasure, Lancashire Authority designated the Spring of 2018 to the Spring of 2019  as a “Let’s Get Reading” Year in which all schools, libraries, children and young people’s services worked together to promote reading in all its guises.  The project was headed by Paul Duckworth, one of the Primary Senior Advisors ,and supported by a steering group made up of headteachers, primary and secondary representatives, the County Library Service, post 16 providers, Lancashire Advisory and Consultancy teams, Virtual School Provider, SEN advisors, childminder provision – indeed all services connected with young people from nursery to 18years.

Schools “took the pledge” to be involved in the campaign; were given a certificate and the use of the official logo, and were encouraged to plan a year of engaing reading activities appropriate to their context. There were no “compulsory” activities - what schools did to raise the profile of reading was entirely open. A 'We Are Reading' newsletter was circulated each half term and these can be read below.

Though the project officially ended in the Spring of 2019, it is envisaged that the good practice and enthusiasm generated will be sustained and will enrich the reading cultures of schools who have taken part.


Contact Details

E-mail:        WeAreReading@lancashire.gov.uk

Facebook:  @LancashireWeAreReading

Twitter:        #LancashireWeAreReading

Mind Map:  mm.tt/1041391553?t=ZtymprHwlH


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