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13th December 18
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Developing Classroom Practice

Improving writing


Pearson have been working on a writing project with Exeter University- it might be work a look!

Thinking about tackling grammar? Maybe surrounding pupils with posters might be a start.. click on the image..

Might be worth a look at what is happening in KS2:

Key stage 2 grammar, punctuation and spelling tests

The key stage 2 grammar, punctuation and spelling tests are made up of a 45-minute grammar test and a separate 15-minute spelling test of 20 words. Children will be tested on whether they can:

  • spell some of the most commonly misspelt words - including ‘separate’, ‘preferred’ and ‘necessary’

  • punctuate sentences properly - including the use of colons, ellipses and apostrophes

  • use grammar correctly - including the use of subordinate clauses and a range of connectives

The tests were taken in May 2013 for the first time by around 600,000 11-year-olds.

A little uncertain yourself?

This link may be a starting point. The content is not ours so we cannot guarantee all the quality... GRAMMAR

GCSE from September 2015


Working with GCSEs with 100% examinations remains a challenge for both pupils and teachers

Outcomes from Summer 2017 provide little stability in terms of exam board expectations and grade boundaries.

Lancashire English Consultant, Anne Kenworthy has carried out action research with partner schools to consider best approaches to delivery of the specifications; preparing pupils for the independence required of such exams and the revision process. The outcomes of ths research is shared with schools who attend the Subject Leaders' network meeting (see courses page).

Outcomes and support are available to all schools and bespoke support and training can be arranged by contacting Anne anne.kenworthy@lancashire.gov.uk

A Five Year Fightpath

We  are aware that the road to GCSE is now a clear five year plan. Based on action research, Lancashire now has a model five year course exemplifying challenge and progress across all abilities and all five years. Bespoke support and training can be arranged (contact anne.kenworthy@lancashire.gov.uk) if schools are looking to raise their schemes to ensure appropriate differentiation and challenge whilst maintaining pupils' engagement.

Key things to remember:

  • No longer an English option
  • Two GCSEs available: English Language and English Literature
  • No Controlled Assessment or Coursework
  • For each GCSE there will be 2 examination sessions
  • To be counted in Progress 8 both GCSEs must be taken
  • The new achievements will be expressed as 1-9
  • Speaking and listening is required but not weighted in the outcome but reported separately
  • First teaching is September 2015 for certification 2017 (no early entry)
  • Re sit only available post 16

Click on the links below to see the new specificatios



Teaching Reading


Teaching ideas- click on the image

National Curriculum


National curriculum in England: English programmes of study (Click on the image)