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21st June 21
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What is the Award about?




The Awards were established in 2018 as a means of encouraging schools to share good practice and to have a website that can be used as a resource for supporting school improvement initiatives.  The categories have been designed so that schools are able to showcase their work across many varied aspects of education.


We recognise the importance of outcomes for pupils, but feel that achievement in its broadest sense should also be celebrated.  Consequently, the categories are as outlined below.


See case studies for examples of winners so far.


Award criteria



  • Innovate - An award that recognises a school's commitment to a new and unique approach to any aspect of the curriculum or a wider school issue. This is aimed at engaging and enthusing pupils

  • Achieve - An award that demonstrates a commitment to improving outcomes for children. This could be for specific subject, a group of pupils, a cohort, a key stage or even a whole school. It could be linked to either attainment or progress in terms of the evidence base.

  • Invest - An award that schools can apply for to demonstrate commitment to developing people within their community. This could be related to pupils, staff, governors, local businesses, parents and carers or any other relevant group.

  • Collaborate - An award that demonstrates a commitment made by a school (or a group of schools) to working with others and sharing best practice in order to promote positive outcomes.

  • Include - An award that recognises excellence in provision for pupils with Special Education Needs and Disabilities

  • Inspire - This is a more 'long term' award that is for those schools that have firmly embedded unique and exceptional provision with regard to one or more aspects of the curriculum. This is designed as a 'follow up' award to 'Innovate' and in order to qualify for this award, schools will need to demonstrate clear impact over a longer period of time.


There is no application fee, and establishments may apply for awards for more than one aspect of practice, or may choose to apply in association with other establishments as part of a network.


The award application must be supported by a school adviser or consultant.  Without this, applications will not be considered.