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19th September 21
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All Together Now - Schools Linking programme

For more information about School Linking 2021 - 2022 please download this flyer 

For a word version, or for further details, please contact 

All Together Now flyer


What is the All Together Now programme?

It is a School Linking project which has been running in Lancashire since 2017.

This a national initiative, which has been running successfully in primary and secondary schools since 2001. The programme has been developed by The Linking Network, who are based in Bradford.  It forges links between communities and enables young people to meet others from a different community who they may not get to meet during their normal day to day lives; helping to develop trust, empathy, awareness and respect.   

Benefits to Students

  • Develops skills of enquiry, critical thinking, reflection and communication
  • Develops trust, empathy, awareness and respect
  • Provides opportunities for children and young people to meet, build new relationships, work together and contribute to the wider community.

Benefits to Schools

  • Offers a clear and strategic contribution towards the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils
  • Provides a meaningful experience of shared values of British citizens in action as children respect diversity and celebrate individual liberty.
  • Nationally recognised as offering a positive, age appropriate curriculum response to the Prevent Duty.

As part of the programme we are also able to offer Multicultural Workshops and Activity Days.

For more information about the School Linking and the Multicultural Activity Days please see the attached flyers.

If you would like further details please contact          07795044635


During the summer term 2017 eight schools took part in a KS2 project. Here is some of their feedback:-

"The project gave our pupils the language to express themselves and helped them gain greater awareness and broadened their outlook"

Class Teacher, Cherry Fold Community Primary School


"The celebration day and the project helped the children recognise that they are similar. They improved their understanding of different cultures and gained more insight."

Class Teacher, Marsden Community Primary School