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Acquainted know about something or someone
Ascribe describe something and give a reason for it
Attire clothes, clothing
Aught anything whatever, anything at all
Baghdad Capital city of Iraq
Bate take away, lower, reduce by
Bereft left behind, alone
Bewilders confuses, befuddles
Brawny strong and muscular
Brook tolerate, put up with
Burgher a citizen of a town
Butt large cask, or barrel
Caliph a religious leader
Cavern large cave
Claret red wine
Commentary comments, story
Consternation great dismay, terror combined with amazement
Corporation a group of people in charge of the town
Council corporation, group of people in charge
Cunning skill in deceiving
Decree a law
Ditty a simple song
Dolt a stupid person
Endeavour an attempt at doing something
Enraptured filled with delight
Ermine white fur from an ermine (weasel type of animal)
Exclamation an outcry, loud calling out
Glutinous sticky like glue
Gnats small biting flies
Guilders unit of currency, golden coins
Hanover city in Germany
Hock German wine
Kegs small barrels
Mayor the head of a town or corporation
Moselle white wine
Mutinous unruly, turbulent, uncontrollable
Nuncheon a noon drink
Old-fangled old-fashioned
Outlandish strange, unconventional, bizarre, unfamiliar
Paunch a belly, especially a fat potbelly
Perished died
Piebald pied, spotted or patched, patches of colour
Plodders those which trudge or walk heavily
Poke a sack or bag
Portal large entrance, doorway
Pottage thick soup or stew
Psaltery old stringed instrument
Puncheon cask, or barrel holding liquid
Quaint odd, in an old-fashioned way
Quoth said
Remedy a cure, something that solves a problem
Rhenish wine from the River Rhine region
Ribald common, coarse, vulgar,
Sprat small fish for eating
Staved broken into
Stiver a small coin
Subterraneous underground
Swarthy dark colour or complexion
Tabor a small drum
Tawny light brown, brownish orange colour
Thrifty careful, wise with money
Transylvania region of central Europe surrounded by mountains
Trepanned bored into a mine shaft, or tunnel
Trifling acting as if something is not important
Vats large tubs, or barrels, that store liquid
Vermin pests such as rats
Vesture clothes, clothing
Vin-de-grave type of wine
Viper type of snake
Wretched miserable, distressed