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14th May 21
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Consultancy and School Based Training

English Consultancy and School-based training for schools and other agencies can be tailored to meet the needs of individual members of staff, groups of staff, or the whole school staff team.


These can be delivered by members of our English team on a full-day, half-day, staff meeting or an evening twilight basis.

Advice and support can be provided across a range of topics including:


·       Improving subject knowledge (eg Phonics, Spelling, Reading, Writing, Grammar) for teachers and teaching  assistants

·       Support for the English Subject Leader to audit, monitor and implement action plans

·       Planning units of work with individual teachers

·       Assessing reading and writing for every year group; moderating reading and writing wiith individual teachers  and/or Subject Leaders 

·       Working with Subject Leadership teams to support action planning and monitoring


We can provide bespoke packages of suppot including the above, tailored to meet the needs of your



Contact Nicola Martin - Senior Consultant for English and Literacy 





Please email us using the form below if you are interested in accessing support of this kind.

Nicola Martin - Senior Consultant for Primary English and Literacy




Nicola has worked in Lancashire since 1997 as a primary teacher, Senior Manager and Consultant.  She joined the Literacy team in May 2004 after several years as a Leading Literacy teacher and Subject Leader, and has been involved in co-developing and presenting the very popular boys' writing projects in KS2 within Lancashire and beyond.

Nicola has a particular interest in the use of film to develop literacy and has gained Lead Practitioner status with the British Film Institute. In addition, she regularly consults on projects with the BBC.

In 2009, Nicola was awarded NPQH and in 2010 became an accredited Local Consultant for Improvement in Stronger Management Systems and Support for Writing. In 2012, Nicola was appointed by DFE for leading phonics in Lancashire with an outstanding accreditation. She also specialises in reading development, improving writing, boys' writing and is the Lancashire Lead Moderator for KS1 and KS2.

Nicola has a valued reputation for working wtih an extensive range of schools across Lancashire, and beyond, in raising standards via in-school support.

Nicola was appointed to the Senior Consultant role in October 2017. 


Caroline Yabantu - Primary English and Literacy Consultant


Caroline started teaching at Ightenhill Primary School in Burnley in 2001. She has taught in both KS1 and KS2 as well being a Leading Literacy Subject Leader and Associate Literacy Consultant.

In 2007 she joined the Literacy Team, working as a full-time CLLD Literacy Consultant and delivering the county-wide rollout of the Letters and Sounds phonics training.

On returning to school she became Assistant Headteacher and then in 2014 returned to the Literacy Team full time as a Teaching and Learning Consultant.

Her strengths include phonics and creative strategies to improve writing.


Sarah Atkinson - Primary English and Literacy Consultant

Sarah joined the English and Literacy team in September 2014, having successfully taught in Lancashire Primary Schools for twelve years. During her time in school across Key Stages 1 and 2, she worked closely with staff to develop creative and practical approaches to advance pupil progress in English.  Her specialisms include the use of drama to inspire writing, creative approaches to grammar and subject leadership.  Since joining the team, Sarah has contributed to the LPDS curriculum support materials and worked on the updating of Fast Forward Grammar (Fast Forward Grammar 2).   She is also a moderator for EYFS, KS1 and KS2 writing.  


Katie Giles - Primary English and Literacy Consultant


Katie started her teaching career in Blackpool 2010. During her time in school, she successfully taught in both KS1 and KS2 and lead English in challenging schools. Katie also completed a two year ‘Ambition School Leadership’ course which explored developing an English Curriculum to improve the attainment of pupils from all backgrounds.   

Her specialisms include creative approaches to teaching writing and the use of texts to develop interest and improve standards in English. She has done extensive work into the impact of Talk4Writing within the classroom and was nominated nationally for an Education Endowment Foundation award based on her research. Katie is also a moderator for Key Stages 1 and 2 and joined the Lancashire team in January 2018 as a Teaching and Learning Consultant for Primary English. 


Steven Kenyon - Primary English and Literacy Consultant and Primary History Consultant


Steven has worked in Lancashire and Sefton since 2004 as a primary school teacher, Leading Literacy Teacher, English Subject leader, NQT mentor, SENDCO and Deputy Head Teacher. He has also chaired a local English Subject Network Group.  

Steven is passionate about inspiring, motivating and empowering teams and individuals to achieve high goals.  As a part of a group of leading teachers, he developed a grammar resource for primary schools called ‘Fast Forward Grammar’. A naturally creative practitioner, Steven is inventive in the teaching of learning of English across the primary phase and is passionate about developing effective educational materials.

Steven enjoys writing stories and songs and is experienced in using novels, film, art, drama and music to raise standards in literacy. He joined the Lancashire team in April 2018 as a Teaching and Learning Consultant for Primary English and Literacy.


Catherine Leyland - Primary English and Literacy Consultant


Catherine began her teaching career in 2002 in Liverpool. Since then she has worked for many authorities including Sefton, Knowsley and Greater Manchester. During this time she has taught in Early Years, KS1 and KS2. Her roles have varied from classteacher, Literacy subject leader,  Assistant Headteacher to Acting Headteacher.

English and creativity have always been her specialisms and besides being part of the KS2 moderation team in Sefton, she has also been involved in long-term projects with both Creative Partnerships and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, writing curriculums which include creative approaches to Learning Outside the Classroom. She joined the Lancashire team in June 2016 as a Teaching and Learning Consultant for Primary English.

She has a particular interest in reading and writing development and using creative ways to develop reluctant learners, using a variety of approaches including ICT.



Louise Baker - Primary English and Literacy Consultant


Louise joined the team in January 2019. She has been a teacher in Lancashire for 20 years. Having begun her teaching career in Preston, she travelled to America to teach in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. On return to England, Louise worked in various schools throughout Lancashire before settling as English Lead at a school in Preston. Louise has worked as a member of SLT to improve standards in English school wide and to promote a love of reading. 

Louise is passionate about reading. She believes in the importance of instiling a love of reading in all children. Being an avid reader of children's books herself, she actively promotes the notion of  'Every teacher a reader' too. She has worked hard in promoting reading for pleasure, developing many creative strategies to encourage reading for all children. She is committed to improving standards in reading and writing through quality teaching from quality novels.

Today's readers,  tomorrow's leaders.


Clare Cherry - Early Literacy Consultant


Clare Cherry started her teaching career in 2001. She was a Leading Literacy Teacher for many years and was involved in the initial roll out of Letters and Sounds. In 2008, she was seconded to the Literacy Team as a Teaching and Learning Consultant where she was involved with the delivery of the Early Years Boys’ Writing Project.

Clare has extensive EYFS experience, as a deputy head in two nurseries and leading EYFS provision in primary schools in Lancashire. She is currently EYFS Curriculum Leader at Pendle Primary School in Clitheroe, and alongside this has been a freelance EYFS Consultant for the past eight years supporting a range of settings.  Her strengths include phonics and early reading, talk for writing, developing the learning environment, and planning with creativity in EYFS.

Clare joined the English and Literacy team in May 2018.


Janet Gough - Associate Primary English and Literacy Consultant


Janet has over 20 years’ experience as an Assistant Headteacher, English Subject Lead and Leading Literacy teacher for Lancashire as part of the National Strategy. Janet has a proven track record for raising standards at Key Stage 2 and is keen to promote the use of images, film and drama to enhance children’s learning in English. Her strengths include grammar, punctuation and spelling, developing vocabulary, challenging the more able and teaching mixed age classes.



Donna Barker - Associate Primary English and Literacy Consultant / NQT Support Consultant


Donna has worked in Lancashire schools since 2007 as a primary teacher following a period of working abroad and in industry. Her roles have been varied: Acting Deputy Headteacher, Assistant Headteacher, Teaching and Learning Coach and Subject Leader for English.  Between 2009 and 2011, Donna was also seconded to the position of Lecturer for Drama in Education at the University of Cumbria in Lancaster. 

Her specialisms include using drama and other creative approaches to teach English, with particular focus on storytelling, Mantle of the Expert and teacher in role to enhance vocabulary, develop inference skills and inspire writing. She wholeheartedly believes that children should be given the opportunity to live through an experience in order to improve their writing. Her interests also include how to use the classroom environment to enrich vocabulary and motivate writing. Although she has successfully led whole school English, she has extensive expertise in teaching KS2, particularly UKS2 in challenging schools.  Donna is committed to raising standards in all aspects of English whilst maintaining creative approaches to learning.

<span calibri;mso-fareast-theme-font:minor-latin;color:black;mso-ansi-language:en-gb;="" mso-fareast-language:en-gb;mso-bidi-language:ar-sa"="">Donna is also a moderator for Key Stage Two.  She began working as an Associate Consultant for Lancashire NQTs in January 2019.  In October 2019, this was extended and Donna is now a Lancashire Associate Consultant for the Primary English team whilst continuing to teach in her role as Assistant Headteacher in a Lancashire school.


Bonnie Whiteside - Associate Early Literacy Consultant


Bonnie started teaching in Preston in 2011. She has taught across KS1 and EYFS and currently teaches in a Year 1 class in Lytham. She is the Phonics Subject Leader and also leads intervention for KS1.

In addition to her teaching responsibility, she delivers the phonics training on the School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT).

In 2018, Bonnie led the DFE Phonics Partnership which was a government initiative designed to raise standards in phonics across Lancashire based schools.

Bonnie joined the English and Literacy Team, working as a Early Literacy Consultant in 2019 and continues to work as a full time teacher.


Sue Dean - Senior Primary English and Literacy Consultant


It is with the utmost sadness that the Primary English and Literacy team together with the consultants within the Lancashire Professional Development Service, announce the tragic loss of our dear friend and colleague Sue Dean – Senior English and Literacy Consultant.

The impact that Sue has had over the past 15 years, on thousands of children across Lancashire and beyond, has been immeasurable. Sue’s passion for her subject has inspired generations of teachers and colleagues, and has left behind a lasting legacy which will continue to influence the teaching and learning of English for years to come.

Sue’s sunny disposition can be summed up with her advice to teachers and colleagues alike with her wise words:

“You make the weather…”

Sue began work as a qualified teacher in Lancashire in 1991. She taught at Casterton Primary School in Burnley, initially working with pupils in Key Stage 1 but then working primarily with upper Key Stage 2. Through her work as a Leading Teacher, Sue was able to further develop her expertise in teaching English before joining the Literacy Team as a Consultant in May 2002.

Following a spell as acting Deputy Headteacher at Barrowford Primary School, Sue rejoined the Literacy Team to become Senior Consultant. 


In 2006, Sue gained NPQH and in 2010 became an accredited Local Consultant for Improvement in Stronger Management Systems and Support for Writing. Sue has a particular interest in improving writing, able, gifted and talented pupils and teaching children with English as an additional language.