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21st June 21
In this unit pupils learn to enter numbers, labels and simple formulae into a spreadsheet and to use the data to calculate totals. Pupils will be introduced to spreadsheet software and will explore how changes in price and quantity can affect total cost. Pupils will apply what they have learnt in this unit when exploring mathematical and scientific models.
Lesson Notes : Adobe Acrobat file (1137.8k)
Teacher's notes for the Textease spreadsheet activities below.

Textease files

Blackton-zoo : Textease file (38.1k)
Blackton-zoo-c : Textease file (38.1k)
Visit |
Visit : Textease file (5.7k)
Packed Lunch Box : Textease file (20.6k)
Party |
Party : Textease file (5.9k)

Number Box files

Blackton-zoo :  file (8.3k)
Blackton-zoo-c :  file (8.3k)
Visit |
Visit :  file (6k)
Party |
Party :  file (13.9k)

Number Box 2 files

Blackton Zoo :  file (12.5k)
Blackton-zoo-c :  file (12.5k)



Excel files

Blackton Zoo : Excel file (22.5k)
Blackton Zoo c : Excel file (18.9k)
Packed Lunch Box : Excel file (15.4k)
Party |
Party : Excel file (18.4k)

Some examples using Textease Spreadsheet on the theme of Fireworks.