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4th August 20
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Lancashire School Information Profile

Lancashire School Information Profile

The Lancashire School Information Profile (LSIP) is produced by the Assessment/Professional Support Teams and is an evolving document, revised each year following feedback from schools

What is the LSIP?

The LSIP brings together information from a number of sources so the context of a school can be more easily described.  The document is confidential, for use by the school and their School Adviser to support self evaluation and is not passed to Ofsted unless a school chooses to do so.  An LSIP is produced for each type of phase (primary, secondary, sixth form, special, short stay) and these differ slightly to cater for the specific needs of these schools. 


LSIP Supplement - Closing the Gap Reports

This report compliments the LSIP and summarises a school's attainment results based on the characteristics of the pupils.  Each table in the report shows results for a different group of pupils.  The groups shown are: gender; SEN; ethnicity, eligibility for free school meals and summer born.


The LSIP is distributed in sections to ensure schools receive data as soon as it is available.  The 'Pupil Characteristic Section of the LSIP is the first section of the LSIP to be published during the Summer Term.  A full version of the LSIP including attainment data follows in the Autumn Term with the Closing the Gaps Reports (excluding Nursery Schools) and is dependent on the receipt of test and examination results from national data collection agencies.

What's included?

For more information on the Lancashire School Information Profile please contact the team:

Telephone 01772 531555
Email pst@lancashire.gov.uk