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1st June 20
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Lancashire ROSE (Reports Online for Self Evaluation)

Lancashire ROSE is a confidential, secure website produced by Lancashire's Assessment/Professional Support Teams within School Improvement and is for use by both Lancashire and Non Lancashire schools (including children's centres, academies and sixth form centres).  The website has been developed to allow schools ease of access to a number of statistical reports and guidance notes for use in self evaluation.

Link to Lancashire ROSE website.

 Children Centre Confidential Data Available on ROSE

• Breastfeeding Reports

• Closing the Gap

• Common Assessment Framework Reports

• District Information Profile

• Family Outcome Tracker Report

• Free Early Years Entitlement

• Live Birth Reports

• Map Pack

• MASH Reports

• Pupil Groups

• Targeting Services Report
School/Academy Confidential Data Available on ROSE

• KS2 Results from Feeder Primary Schools (Secondary Schools only)

• Lancashire Parental Questionnaire (PQ)

• Lancashire Pupil Attitude Questionnaire (PAQ)

• Lancashire School Information Profile: Main LSIP; Closing the Gap; Governor and Health LSIPs

• Lancashire Value Added Project (VAP) (Secondary Schools only)

• National Data Collection (EYFSP, Year 1 Phonics, KS1 Results)