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1st June 20
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Assessment for Learning

This part of the site will give an insight into this important area of formative assessment (AfL).  Information on the key elements of the AFL process are described.


Photograph courtesy of Salterforth Primary School.

"If children don't learn the way we teach..........

Perhaps we should teach the way they learn" - (Eppig, 1981)

Excellence and Enjoyment

'Excellence and Enjoyment: a strategy for primary schools affirms a vision for primary
education that provides opportunities for all children to fulfil their potential through a commitment to high standards and excellence within an engaging, broad and rich curriculum.' DCSF 2004

This publication compromises of a collection of continuing professional development (CPD) materials on assessment for learning that focus on important aspects of learning and teaching in the primary years.

Lancashire Learning Teams

What is a learning team?

A Learning Team consists of a group of schools working together, with teachers participating as action researchers. The aims of the project are:


·         to form a learning team of teachers as action researchers, with an expectation they will trial different approaches to "assessment for learning" in between project days and feedback their findings to the wider group;

·         to update teachers in the learning team on recent, significant research findings which underpin effective formative assessment;

·         to enable schools to continue developing a movement from an activity culture to a learning culture;

·         to support teachers in reviewing, modifying and developing existing systems;

·         to share and celebrate existing good practice and to develop this even further.


Consultants  work with the teams,  leading three full day sessions over the year. At the end of each day teachers are given a school based focus to try and they bring the findings to the next meeting.

 Click on these links to see more about the Lancashire Learning Teams, including case studies and key findings in practice.