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11th August 22
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Fischer Family Trust

What is FFT Aspire?
FFT is a non-profit making organisation established in 2001 with links to Fischer Family Trust.  FFT provides subscribing schools and LAs in England and Wales with a wide range of online reports to support target setting, self-evaluation and school improvement. During the 2014/15 academic year, FFT launched a new data analysis tool 'FFT Aspire' (a replacement for FFT Live) for schools and LAs.  Aspire includes reports from Key Stage 1 right through to Key stage 5 which are designed for a wide range of users including: teachers; subject leaders; department heads; senior school leaders; advisers; LAs and Academy sponsors/chains.  For further information on FFT Aspire see the FFT website at www.fft.org.uk or contact your FFT LA contact at the LSIS Professional Support Team Helpdesk – see contact details below.

Subscription to FFT Live is offered to schools via the LA at a reduced rate. Subscription runs from April to March.  FFT Aspire is available for primary, secondary, sixth form, special and short stay schools.  For this subscription, your school will have access to the FFT Aspire website.  You will also receive telephone support for accessing and navigating Aspire via the Professional Support Team Helpdesk.  Schools will be advised of the release of new data and developments via the Schools Portal.  Support on the use of FFT in school self- evaluation is available via the Lancashire School Improvement Service's SSG/SLA or adviser consultancy. 

Access to FFT Aspire
To access FFT Aspire, schools are sent a School Administrator username and password by the FFT LA contact.  Administrators can set up additional users within their school. 

Further information
If you have any queries or would like more information please contact your FFT LA contact at:

LSIS Professional Support Team Helpdesk
Email pst@lancashire.gov.uk
Telephone (01772) 531555