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24th March 19
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Improving Memory, Retention and Recall

Improving Working Scientifically

End of Passive Learning

Science SLDM Autumn 2018

Learning and Teaching resource list


Assessment Without Levels

Please feel free to use these materials as stimulus for your discussions around assessment without levels.

They represent our thinking around formative assessment and the examples are from KS3.

The map was put together to audit when and where we might be able to assess each "skill".

SLDM Summer 2016

SLDM Spring 2016

National Curriculum Programmes of Study for Science

Follow these links to see the current programmes of study for Key Stage Three and Key Stage Four Science

Science Qualifications for EBacc


Download the following file to see which Science Qualifications contribute to the EBacc and therefore in the second tier of the new P8 progress measure

(Click the Science tab at the bottom of the spreadhseet)

Ofsted and the latest Framework


We've included links to some of the most recent Ofsted documents - particularly the latest framework

The Acid Test provides guidance from the DfE on auditing a Science department.

The use of Learning Targets is a useful strategy to improve progress. The booklet was produced by the SNS and contains guidance and examples of using learning targets with pupils. Click on the bar above to download a copy.

This guidance has been written in collaboration with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), CLEAPSS and SSERC. The aim is to improve the security of hazardous chemicals that are used in secondary and tertiary education. This is to prevent them from being used to make illegal substances such as explosives or narcotics. Click on the bar above to download your copy.