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16th December 18
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Developing Classroom Practice

Teaching Science for NQTs

The electronic files we've used on this course:

The starter Generator

The Starter Generator is by kind permisson of Mike Gershon and contains over 100 different starter activities in a PowerPoint. Be patient as it takes about 20 seconds to download.

The Plenary Producer is by kind permisson of Mike Gershon and contains over 100 different plenary activities in a PowerPoint. Be patient as it takes about 20 seconds to download.

Thinking Skills :  file (5.4k)

Teacher: Gary, what are you doing?

Gary: Thinking, sir.

Teacher: Well, stop thinking and listen to me.


We have ways of making you think. Well ten ways to try.

Download ten top tips on helping children think.

1001 Inventions : Adobe Acrobat file (29764.2k)

A valuable resource for all teachers can be downloaded from or clicking on the pdf above.


Useful wesites


USEFUL WEBSITES                                                                                        Phases of the Moon               Assorts on a school web-site                             Periodic Table and information about elements.               Environment studies                                             French weather service                                Weather satellite pictures                    Genetics animations                           Answers homework problems                                          Clip-art, resources and links                                     Lesson plans                              Virtual pond dipping                                       Software reviews                                      Science activities and resources                                Lesson plans and resources                               On line, up-to-date Encarta                          Links to sites for Science Teachers                               Giant Covalent structures and ionisation                       Balancing Equations, structure and bonding                                          Search for periodic table good for KS3                          KS3 Science worksheets and demos                                    Photos of cells, bacteria etc.                                      Science Year site of the week                               General Science site for pupils                       General resources for Spotlight Science users                      General resources for Exploring Science users                                   GCSE coursework                                         The Guardian site.[more able pupils]                          Planets spreadsheet         North Chadderton school site.                           Translates most languages into English                          Examples of pupilsÂ’ coursework.                                Lesson plans etc.                         Lesson plans etc.                                  Lesson plans etc.                       Physics lessons and animations                                             Educational website on, yes, gases!


Teachers TV websites




Teach Pro Limited         

Laser Learning Ltd     

Promethean Planet       

TSL Education Ltd        

Axis 12 Limited               Limited       


Science Jokes



Two atoms are walking down the street. One stops suddenly and says;
 "Oh no, I've lost an electron!"
The other says, "Are you sure?"
"Yes, I'm positive"


Heisenberg gets pulled over by a police officer for speeding.

The officer asks "Do you know how fast you were going?"
Heisenberg replies "No, but I know exactly where I am!"