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AfL Publications
( 247 k)
( 1070 k)
Inside the Black Box: (Paul Black and Dylan Wiliam 1998)
( 44 k)
This is based on an extensive review of research on formative assessment  The authors argue that formative assessment is at the heart of effective teaching, and that improvement in this area would raise standards of learning. They propose a four-point scheme for improving formative assessment, and stress the need for support and commitment on a national level.
Beyond The Black Box (Assessment Reform Group 1999)
( 54 k)

This pamphlet is about helping teachers to use assessment, as part of teaching and learning, in ways that will raise pupilsÂ’ achievement.

Formative Assessment: The Implicatiions for Classroom Practice (2000)
( 69 k)

An Institute of Education survey of research work on assessment for learning. The document provides an analysis of existing materials and work in progress on assessment for learning.

Pupils Learning from Teachers' Responses (AAIA 2000)
( 172.7 k)
Principles and suggestions relating to all aspects of assessment, recording and reporting. Formative use of summative assessment, marking and feedback strategies
Assessment for Learning 10 Principles (Assessment Reform Group 2002)
( 469 k)

A poster showing the principles of assessment for learning.

Using assessment to raise achievement in mathematics (QCA 2003)
( 247 k)

This guidance seeks to analyse and illuminate some of the issues associated with assessment for learning.

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