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Year 7
These materials are intended to support teachers in addressing the needs of those Year 7 pupils who entered Key Stage 3 having achieved level 3 (or a low level 4) in the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum tests in mathematics.
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The main aim of Mathematics challenge is to provide targeted one-to-one support to help those Year 7 pupils currently achieving level 3 in mathematics to attain level 4. Some pupils working at level 4 may also benefit from parts of the programme to address particular weaknesses. Pupils in other year groups might also benefit from this type of support using these materials. The Mathematics challenge pack consists of:

  • information for the school organiser
  • a summary for the school strategy manager and information for Year 7 mathematics teachers
  • advice for coaches
  • a video showing coaches using the materials
  • support units and resources
Mathematics Challenge Units
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Mathematics Challenge Materials
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Resource Sheets
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The Mathematics Challenge video can be watched or downloaded here.

PowerPoint presntation to support training the mentors
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This training session takes approximately 3 hours.  Mentors are trained on the approach to written and mental calculation strategies and analyse video footage to help them to become good mentors.  Some schools have trained Year 10 and 11 pupils to support year 7 pupils. 
Advice For Coaches Booklet
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Pupil Target Recording Sheet
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This is an additional resources produced by the Secondary Lancashire Mathematics Consultants
Information Booklet For The School Organiser
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