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16th December 18
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The removal of national curriculum levels has led to some uncertainty about how schools and Mathematics Departments can be confident in tracking pupil progress; assessing pupil performance in a way which is both rigorous and accurate, and using assessment as an effective planning and teaching tool.

 Designed to fill the gap created by the removal of National Curriculum Levels,

The Lancashire Assessment Programme for Secondary Mathematics offers schools an assessment model that provides:

  • an asessment programme from Key Stage 3 to GCSE
  • objective led assessment criteria in line with GCSE from 2015
  • a progression ladder from Year 7 to 11 which supports teachers' planning and AfL
  • advice on how to administer assessments
  • in-house moderation approaches
  • standardising opportunities to support quality control across schools

Trialled throughout Lancashire schools before its launch in the Summer of 2015, this programme offers the structure and rigour required of schools to track pupils' progress and plot progression in line with expectations at GCSE.

The programme is now embedded in schools across Lancashire and beyond. Schools wishing to adopt the programme can arrange bespoke training by contacting alison.kenyon@lancashire.gov.uk

For any further information about the programme itself or its application please contact Helen Monaghan (Secondary Mathematics Consultant for Lancashire) helen.monaghan@lancashire.gov.uk