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21st March 18
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ICT in Mathematics

ICT in Maths

There is a statutory requirement for pupils to be provided with the opportunity to develop there mathematical skills through the use of a range of ICT resources.

"The nature of mathematics has changed considerably because of the availability of ICT. ... Teachers should select or create mathematical tasks that take advantage of what ICT can do efficiently and well - graphing, producing dynamic images, computing and providing access to data. Useful tools include graphic calculators, interactive whiteboards and other audiovisual aids, together with a range of software packages. The internet and the world wide web can also be used to design effective learning tasks, such as simulating problem-solving situations that are difficult to create without technology." (Mathematics National Curriculum)

Computers offer powerful opportunities for pupils to explore mathematical ideas, to generalise, explain results and analyse situations, and to receive fast and reliable, and non-judgemental, feedback. Their use needs careful planning – not just of the organisation of hardware and appropriate software but also of activities that allow for off-computer mathematical thinking as well as on-computer exploration.