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23rd March 18
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Functional Mathematics

What is functional mathematics?

"The term ''functional'' should be considered in the broad sense of providing learners with the skills and abilities they need to take an active and responsible role in their communities, everyday life, the workplace and educational settings. Functional mathematics requires learners to use mathematics in ways that make them effective and involved as citizens, operate confidently and to convey their ideas and opinions clearly in a wide range of contexts."                                         (QCA 2007) 

How do I teach functional mathematics?

Functional mathematics is not a discrete component of the new programmes of study but is embedded within them. In particular, the key processes and range and content sections reflect the functional mathematics standards at level 1 at Key Stage 3 and at level 2 at Key Stage 4.

cre8ate maths is a CPD project for Yorkshire and Humberside teachers of mathematics.  Teaching and learning resources are available to teachers outside of that area and can be downloaded free, but you will need to register for some of them.

Maths in Work has been designed to offer glimpses of the real world of work via video clips, to help students appreciate not only the relevance of mathematics but its importance in every day life.  Click on the icon to link to the website.

The "A World of Mathematics Series" consistis of six videos each made up of short clips showing the applications of mathematics in many situations. The videos include mathematical puzzles to encourage broader thinking.  Click on the icon to link to the website.


The teaching resources page of the more maths grads website provides a range of resources to support teachers in the classroom.  This is a good source of activities and information about the applications of mathematics