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15th December 19

Assessment Packages

This Excel file, developed by Cheshire and Lancashire mathematics consultants, provides an overview of the tasks, the key indictors for the tasks and their corresponding levels and strands.  A good task to begin with is to locate where the suggested APP assessment criteria appear in your schemes of work. 

The Assessment Packages were developed to support level judgements up to level 6. The intention is that they can be used to:

  • strengthen your understanding of levels in specific attainment focuses
  • support professional development activities to discuss and agree standards.

In addition they may also be used to:

  • provide further evidence to contribute to your judgements of the assessment criteria
  • support you in providing formative feedback to pupils.

Each of the assessment packages provides lesson plans and reources for two consecutive, interactive mathematics lessons and examples of pupils' work.

 : Zipped (compressed) file (2947.9k)
 : Zipped (compressed) file (1794.9k)
 : Zipped (compressed) file (1805.1k)
 : Zipped (compressed) file (1833.2k)
 : Zipped (compressed) file (2980.9k)