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21st January 20
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Assessing Pupils' Progress (APP)

Assessing Pupils' Progress was a National Strategies resource providing a structured approach to pupil assessment in Key Stage 3 to support teachers with: 

  • making judgements about their pupils’ attainment, keyed into national standards
  • developing  and refining their understanding of progression in science
  • gathering diagnostic information about the strengths and areas of development of individual pupils and groups of pupils
  • tracking pupils’ progress over time to inform the planning of teaching
  • planning teaching that is matched to pupils’ needs
  • supporting the transfer of meaningful information at key transitional points
  • facilitating the setting of meaningful curricular targets that can be shared with pupils and parents. 

 While APP is no longer used as a full system, several of the resources remain useful to teachers, especially the Focused Assessment Materials, which provide examples of good questioning to assess understanding.



This document is intented to be used to record details of dates and resources used for assessment of particular criteria.  It can be modified to meet the needs of individual teachers.

These materials are based on the APP assessment criteria and organised in the National Curriculum levels. There is a set for each of the old national curriculum levels 4 to 8.  The focused assessment materials include for each assessment criterion:


  •  examples of what pupils should know and be able to do so that teachers have a feel for how difficult the mathematics is intended to be. These are not activities or examples that will enable an accurate assessment of work at this level. To do this, you need a broad range of evidence drawn from day-to-day teaching over a period of time/ This is exemplified in the Standards files, which are provided as part of the overall APP resources.

·     probing questions for teachers to use with pupils in lessons to initiate dialogue and help to secure their assessment judgement.

Kangaroo Maths Assessment Resources



The Levelopaedia, produced by the Gloucestershire Maths Advisory Team, provides exemplifications and probing questions for each of the 'assessment criteria' for every NC level.

Level Ladders have been written from a Key Stage 3 perspective to give an idea of progression through the National Curriculum levels in particular topic areas.

  For KS3, a series of formal homeworks, to assess specific criteria and support APP are available. Self-assessment opportunities are included. 

Homework Sheets and "Make the Grade Tests" are avaiable for KS4.