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18th June 18

Useful Documents

ICT in mathematics

This document includes some useful guidance on selecting, organising and using ICT for the teaching and learning of mathematics.
The following documents support the teaching and learning of mathematics through the effective use of ICT

This guide is intended for subject leaders and teachers.  Its objectives are to:

·      raise awareness of how the ICT capability, as set out in the National Curriculum for ICT and taught in ICT lessons, can be applied and developed in mathematics;

·      analyse the opportunities that exist in mathematics for developing and applying pupils’ ICT capability;

·         consider how ICT can add value to the teaching and learning of mathematics.

This document aims to help teachers to be aware of the different possibilities offered by ICT and to use ICT to enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics by addressing five interrelated key questions:

1 Why should I use ICT?

2 Which areas of mathematics can benefit?

3 Which ICT should I use?

4 How do I organise the use of ICT?

5 How do I teach using ICT?

Unit 15: Using ICT to enhance learning

This study unit offers some practical strategies that teachers use to enhance learning through the use of ICT. The techniques suggested are tried and tested; they draw both on academic research and the experience of practising teachers.

By working through this guide you can build your teaching repertoire step by step, starting with strategies that are easy to implement and moving on to those that will help pupils develop their skills still further. The unit contains ‘reflections’, to help you reflect on an idea or on your own practice, as well as practical tips and tasks to help you consider advice or try out strategies in your classroom.

This booklet provides practical guidance to secondary mathematics teachers in developing the use of interactive whiteboards in their classrooms. It does not provide technical guidance on the use of any particular type of equipment. Instead, the emphasis is on using an IWB to make mathematics teaching richer, and mathematics learning more effective.