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28th October 20

Springboard 7


Springboard 7 was a catch-up programme for Year 7 children who achieved level 3 rather than level 4 in mathematics at the end of Key Stage 2. It was designed for teaching in the autumn and spring terms of Year 7.  The publication contains four parts:
  • Part 1 Introductory notes on planning and teaching the Springboard 7 programme, and essential teaching objectives
  • Part 2 How to organise the Springboard 7 teaching units to form a course linked to the main Year 7 programme
  • Part 3 Units of work - 15 units to form a two-term programme, with teaching notes, teaching materials, pupils' materials and corresponding answer sheets. Tests: examples of half-termly 'Assess and Review' tests to check pupils' progress
  • Part 4 Revision Guidance, including an analysis of what pupils find most difficult in the Key Stage 2 tests.

Although it is does not directly link with the new curriculum, it does contain some useful resources and ideas for helping students increase thier mathematical understanding and skills.