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25th January 20
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Inclusion and SEN

This document provides guidance on strategies to support the mathematical progress of pupils who have a particular need and of all groups of pupils at risk of underachievement, including pupils with special educational needs, of Black and other minority ethnic heritage, or who are gifted and talented.
The Wave 3 mathematics materials are a National Strategies primary resource intended to enable children who are working at levels significantly below age-related expectations, to secure the mathematical understanding they need to increase their rate of progress. The materials provide a series of short, focused teaching activities that tackle fundamental errors and misconceptions that may be holding them back. These materails may be of use with some pupils of secondary age.  Click on the icon to link to the website.


This document is intended as the first in a series, each of which will go into more detail on narrowing gaps in outcomes for specific groups, and the implications.

Although "Levels" no longer exist, this booklet addresses six key areas in mathematics that children must secure in order to attain old level 3. It sets out standards to be achieved and suggests teaching approaches, relevant intervention materials, teaching and learning resources and assessment prompts.

Don't let the 'level' put you off, its worth a look!

This document has been wriiten for school governors, but it is also useful for teahcers in providing information on issues relating to supporting looked after children.

This presentation provides information about looked after children and the Lancahite virtual school.

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