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11th August 22



Ten for ten materials, (ten minutes a day for ten days), were witten as a holiday revision package for use prior to the KS3 tests with pupils working towards achieving Level 5 . It was intended that pupils and parents / carers / friends work together.

10 - 4 - 10  Answers : Adobe Acrobat file (321.9k)
Add-ons resources : Adobe Acrobat file (473.4k)

There are twelve Add-ons, each covering one of the major areas of mathematics drawn from the level 4–6 Key Stage 3 National Curriculum test papers, with a particular emphasis on those areas crucial for achieving level 5.

Snappers Activities : Adobe Acrobat file (139.9k)

Snappers are short, whole-class interactive activities based around key areas of mathematics pitched at levels 4 and 5.

Snappers notes : Adobe Acrobat file (70.7k)

Stingers are KS3 test questions to stimulate whole class discussion and promote problem solving. They let both teacher and pupils focus on a learning objective and assess pupils’ knowledge and understanding. The material is particularly relevant to pupils targeting level 5.  It is important to allow discussion by members of the class and wherever possible allow pupils the opportunity to explain their reasoning to the whole class.

Stingers notes : Adobe Acrobat file (40.1k)
Year 9 Booster Kit : Zipped (compressed) file (4926k)

This booster kit contains support materials for Year 9 mathematics teaching. The pack comprises three sections:

  • Focusing teaching to improve pupil performance;
  • 16 lesson plans;
  • Leaflets for pupils, parents and guardians.

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Lesson plans and resources are provided for the following topics.

  1. Place value
  2. Fractions, decimals and percentages 1
  3. Fractions, decimals and percentages 2
  4. Using a calculator
  5. Ratio and proportion
  6. Algebraic expressions
  7. Sequences
  8. Lines and angles
  9. Area
  10. Circles
  11. Probability
  12. Solving word problems
  13. Algebraic equations
  14. Handling data
  15. Ratio and proportion 2
  16. Problem solving

These lessons are designed to support teachers working with Year 9 pupils who need to consolidate work to secure level 5. They are not appropriate for the majority of pupils in Year 9 who are already at level 5 or above and who are working on the main Year 9 teaching programme for mathematics. Most of the lessons are drawn from existing Key Stage 3 Strategy materials to support the main Year 8 mathematics teaching programme together with Year 9 booster lessons. The following lesson plans and resources are included:




Lesson 9N1.1

Fractions, decimals and percentages 1

Booster kit: lesson 2

Lesson 9N1.2

Fractions, decimals and percentages 2

Booster kit: lesson 3

Lesson 9N1.3

Fractions, decimals and percentages 3

Transition: lesson N2.1

Lesson 9N1.4

Fractions, decimals and percentages 4

Transition: lesson N2.2

Lesson 9S1.1

Lines and angles

Booster kit: lesson 8

Lesson 9A2.1

Solving linear equations using a number line

Constructing and solving linear equations: lesson 8.1

Lesson 9A2.2

Solving linear equations using the matching method

Constructing and solving linear equations: lesson 8.2

Lesson 9D1.1

Handling data

Booster kit: lesson 14

Lesson 9S2.1

Area and perimeter

Booster kit: lesson 9

Lesson 9N3.1

Place value

Booster kit: lesson 1

Lesson 9N3.2

Using a calculator

Booster kit: lesson 4

Lesson 9N4.1

Ratio and proportion 1

Booster kit: lesson 5

Lesson 9N4.2

Ratio and proportion 2

Booster kit: lesson 15

Lesson 9N4.3

Proportion or not?

Proportional reasoning mini-pack: handout PR3 and resource sheets ‘Proportion or not?’

Lesson 9D2.1


Booster kit: lesson 11

Lesson 9A4.1


Booster kit: lesson 7

Lesson 9A4.2

Algebraic expressions

Booster kit: lesson 6

Lesson 9A4.3

Algebraic equations

Booster kit: lesson 13

Lesson 9P1.1

Problem solving

Booster kit: lesson 16

Lesson 9P1.2

Thinking proportionally 1

Transition: lesson P1.1

Lesson 9P1.3

Thinking proportionally 2

Transition: lesson P1.2

Lesson 9P1.4

Solving word problems

Booster kit: lesson 12