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29th July 16

Handling data

This activity invovling representing and interpreting data is intended to generate discussion and encourage pupils to take responsibility for their own learning.

The CensusAtSchool website provides a large selection of activities and worksheets relating to many other subjects.  There is also the opportunity to get involved in the census project and use pupils' own data in statistics projects.

Darts 1 Averages : Powerpoint Presentation file (507.4k)
Dartboard Activities

Maths pool - Home

This Microsoft PowerPoint activity has been produced by Dave Carden, Secondary Mathematics Consultant for Liverpool LEA.  Lancashire Mathematics Team would like to thank the Liverpool Mathematics Team for these very useful resources.
 : Powerpoint Presentation file (1567.7k)

The LGfL weather station website provides extensive weather data from weather stations in Lancaster, Skelmersdale, Colne and Bacup.  You can access the individual weather stations, analyse historic data  or look at and compare current weather data from over 70 weather stations across the world.

Windspeed 1 : Word file (266.8k)
This activity uses windspeed raw data from the Chorley Weather Station.  The worksheet uses the software Autograph 3 and Excel.  Pupils will be taught how to calculate the exstimated mean and produce a histogram using continuous data. This activity can be used in KS4 or in Year 9 for the more able pupils.