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25th January 20
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Websites for Students


Click on the icon to find out what not to do in examinations!  Using these posters and podcasts will help to make sure that you avoid some common mistakes.


This website provides both information about mathematics and interactive games and puzzles. Click on the icon to link to the website.


  Kjartan Poskitt's Murderous Maths website has details of the books and characters, tricks, hints, activities, strange calculators and games to play on your computer.


The Khan Academy is an American website aimed at providing 'good' education for children around the world. It is a free resource and the lessons have an explanation of why, not just how to. 


This website contains games to practice lots of the basics in KS3.


Click on the icon to access BBC Bitsize's resources for KS3.


Click on this icon to access the GCSE Bitesize resources.


Mr Barton offers lots of resources to help with your revision. Click on the icon to go to the site.