Introduction to the Lancashire and Blackpool RE Syllabus Web Site

In Lancashire, in Community Schools and Foundation and Voluntary Schools without religious character, Religious Education must be provided in accordance with the current Lancashire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2011. RE provision is legal if the Agreed Syllabus is planned and taught. Provision is illegal if it is not.

Lancashire Syllabus 2011 - Legal requirements

The syllabus has been streamed into the schools that use it. In these schools no password is required. It is protected by a password that has been provided to allow teachers from the schools that use it to access it outside schools. Schools will have been sent a launch pack in early May through the Lancashire Schools' bag. In the pack will be a letter with the password. This password will be changed regularly. This information will be available via the Lancashire schools' portal.

Click here to download a leaflet giving further information about the syllabus

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Blackpool schools will be given access information by their authority after their launch of the syllabus in the Summer term


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