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6th July 22

Blackpool SACRE have agreed the new Lancashire Syllabus as their agreed syllabus, so this website will no longer be available after March 2018.

If you would like to buy access to the new Lancashire Syllabus please email

Lancashire and Blackpool Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2011-2016

'Searching for Meaning'

Welcome to the Lancashire and Blackpool Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education (2011-16) 'Searching for Meaning'.

This syllabus, while strongly rooted in the previous version (2006-2011), contains both important changes and new material. Schools are advised to retain the previous syllabus for reference purposes.

Lancashire schools that are entitled to use this syllabus have been sent the password. For more information contact 01772 531904.

Click here to download a leaflet giving an overview of the syllabus

What is the principle aim for RE
in Lancashire and Blackpool?


'To support pupils'
personal search for meaning by engaging enquiry
into the question

'What is it to be human?'
- exploring answers offered by religion and belief.'

If you are a Lancashire or Blackpool school entitled to use this syllabus you will have automatic access. To gain access to the full site outside of school you will require a password. This will have been explained in the letter sent out in May 2011 via the bulky bag to the Headteacher of your school.

An RE Today teachers' Handbook will also have been included with the letter to Lancashire schoolsSchools are free to use materials from the 2006 Lancashire Agreed Syllabus for RE adapted, where necessary to the 2011-2016 guidance.

All materials on this site are copyright  2011 to Lancashire and Blackpool local authorities unless otherwise stated.

  • What really makes us human?
  • Why is there suffering?
  • What makes a story true?
  • Where is God?
  • Is birth a new beginning?
  • Is beauty evidence of a designer
  • What makes a positive community?
  • Who should we follow?
  • Is life like a journey?