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7th March 21

Medical Needs

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Medicine Safety and Other Health Related Topics

Most children and young people will have, at some time, a medical condition which could affect their attendance or participation in activities. This may be short-term, for instance, completing a course of medication, or a more long-term condition, which, if not properly managed, could limit their access to a particular setting and the activities that are on offer.

The aim of this guidance document is to help settings where children and young people attend; develop policies and procedures for those who have either a short-term or longterm medical need and put into place effective management systems to support them in the setting.

Individual settings are encouraged to develop their own medicines policy and maintain clear written (audited) records for supporting children and young people with medical needs, including, where necessary, individual health care plans and the safe management of medicines.

This document replaces ‘Managing Medicines in Schools’, which was produced in 2002; the document will be made available electronically via the schools’ portal and the internet. 

This guidance document has been produced by Lancashire County Council in consultation with partners from the Primary Care Trusts, schools and support services. Many thanks must be expressed to all those who have participated in producing this guidance document.

It is intended that the guidance will be reviewed on an annual basis. Comments regarding the document and its contents are welcome and should be forwarded to