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26th January 20
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Inclusion Development Programme (IDP)

About the Inclusion Development Programme


The National Strategies is responsible for taking forward the commitment made in Removing Barriers to Achievement by providing a four-year programme of continuing professional development (CPD). This is designed to increase the confidence and expertise of mainstream practitioners in meeting high incidence of SEN in mainstream settings and schools.


The aim of the programme is to support schools and Early Years settings through web-based materials, which will include:

·                                 teaching and learning resources

·                                 training materials

·                                 guidance on effective classroom strategies

·                                 models of good practice for multi-disciplinary teams

·                                 information about sources of more specialist advice.


To  To view the home page of the Inclusion Development Programme, CLICK HERE



Inclusion Development Programme and the North West Local Authority Hub


This link provides access to the North West Local Authority Regional Hub Website.


To view the web page, CLICK HERE