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22nd January 21

Working with Teaching Assistants



This guide is intended primarily for headteachers, deputy heads, and other teachers responsible for the employment of teaching assistants (TAs) or the line management of TAs. There should also be much in it that is of value to TAs themselves.


The guide’s aim is to acknowledge the important role played by TAs in schools, and to demonstrate what they can achieve when creatively and effectively managed. It focuses on management and deployment, rather than issues of pedagogic practice. The latter are considered in the induction training materials recently published for new teaching assistants, with specific reference to literacy and numeracy support, and to behaviour management.


To view the DCSF document, SUPPORTING THE TEACHING ASSISTANT – A good practice guide, click the icon above.


The effective management of teaching assistants to improve standards in literacy and mathematics

The number of teaching assistants working in schools has increased considerably over the last few years and the range of tasks they undertake has also developed. There are now many examples of good practice and lessons from research and classroom experience that can help senior management teams consider how to develop the role of teaching assistants and ensure the conditions are in place to make best use of these valued colleagues.

The pack consists of a DVD and accompanying notes.


To view the accompanying notes and/or order a copy of the DVD, click HERE