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13th July 20
SEN Record : Word file (66k)

Special Educational Needs Record

Whilst it is no longer a statutory requirement to keep an special educational needs register it is still advisable to do so as an effective record keeping management tool.

A manageable format is required that is quick and easy to administer.  The following is not prescriptive and is offered to schools as a suggestion that they can modify and alter to fit their needs. The example runs for a full year and is updated following review meetings. It records individual pupil name, date of birth as well as giving an overview of the special educational needs within a given class. At the end of a year it gives an “at a glance” summary which can be used as a basis for discussion as children transfer from one class or key stage to another, or by the SENCO and Head when evaluating the success of the special educational needs provision. It shows:

• How children have progressed up and down the stages;
• Which children have had support and from whom;
• Whether there is any correlation between the support and pupils movement through the stages;
• Whether reviews have been carried out regularly;
• Whether parents have been kept involved.

In other words a very useful tool for school self evaluation and review of special educational needs provision. If this document is shared with governors or during an OFSTED inspection it is important that the names of pupils are blanked out to maintain confidentiality.

An example of a school's SEN Tracker Register


The examples below are from a Lancashire school and have been anonymised.

To view a populated SEN Tracker Register, click HERE

To view a blank SEN Tracker Register, click HERE