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29th September 20
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Duties of governors in reporting on SEN and Disability

Duties of governing bodies on reporting progress on SEN and Disability


School prospectus and reporting information on SEN and disability to parents


Each year the governing body must publish a school prospectus for parents and prospective parents. Since 1 September 2005 the compulsory content of the prospectus has been simplified. This means greater freedom for schools in deciding what information is best provided to parents in their prospectuses and in responding to the requests of parents for particular pieces of information. The only obligatory content in the prospectus is now the information about the SEN and disability work of the school that was previously required in the Governors’ Annual Report. This ensures parents continue to have easy access to this information.


The obligatory content of the prospectus is as listed below. Content in addition to this is for schools to decide upon.


Obligatory content should include:

·         arrangements for the admission of pupils with disabilities;

·         details of steps to prevent disabled pupils being treated less favourably than other pupils;

·         details of existing facilities to assist access to the school by pupils with disabilities;

·         the accessibility plan (required under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995) covering future policies for increasing access to the school by pupils with disabilities;

·         information about the implementation of the governing body’s policy on pupils with special educational needs and any changes to the policy during the last year.


The prospectus must be published during the school year immediately preceding the admissions school year, i.e. prospectuses published in 2008-09 will be for admissions in 2009-10. The prospectus must be published at least six weeks before the final date by which parents are asked to apply for admission to the school, or to express a preference for a place.

Example of Governors' Report to Parents on SEN and Disability


To view examples of Governors' Reports to Parents on SEN and Disability from a number of Lancashire Primary Schools, please click on the links below.


The authors wish to express their thanks to the Headteachers and Governors of Our lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School, Carnforth and Carleton County Primary School, Poulton-le-Fylde for allowing us to share aspects of their good practice.