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Assessment Form

For Lancashire maintained schools, all Assessment Forms, Assessment Frameworks and associated guidance, resources and materials are stored on the Schools' Portal.  Please click on the A-Z on the Portal Home page, click on N and follow the links through to the Newly Qualified Teacher website.


Academies, Independent Schools or schools located geographically outside of Lancashire wishing to use Lancashire County Council as their Appropriate Body for NQT Induction should contact Kate Armstrong on 01257 516100 in the first instance.

Please note that, following the delegation of NQT funding to schools, the NQT steering group will now be charging £100 for each assessment form submitted.  This will cover the costs of processing, free NQT attendance at termly training and some (limited) support for NQTs in difficulty.

Forms should be received by the last day of each term.  Please ensure that they include:

  • all requested information including assessment period worked, number of whole days worked during the assessment period and the NQT's teacher registration number.
  • signatures and/or contact details of the NQT, Induction Tutor and Headteacher and;
  • Support proposed or recommended where an NQT is not on track.

Where forms are completed part way through a term, they should be sent to the office below within 10 days.

The form has been adapted for the new 2012 Teacher Standards.  The previous form does not reflect these standards and is therefore invalid.  

Any old-style forms received will be returned to the school for re-completion on the new form (see below).  The office details are shown at the top of the form.

For NQTs considered to have successfully met the standards by the end of the induction year, please ensure this is reflected on the marks against each standard.  An NQT who has successfully completed induction should not be marked as 'on track', as this implies that the standard has not been met. 

What is an 'interim' assessment?
 Posted : 21st Aug 2012

An interim assessment is to be completed where NQTs are working part-time for a full term, e.g. for a full term at 2 days per week, and will be moving to another school.  It may also be used where an NQT has worked in a school for more than a term and therefore has some 'bankable' days.    

The form should be completed at the end of that employment period to provide information about progress, total number of days worked, etc.  The fact that is is an interim form and which assessment period it counts towards should be clearly indicated using the checklist and box. A copy should be forwarded to the Steering Group.

The NQT should take this form on to their next school.  Where the NQT is working in one or more other schools, for another full term part-time, days recorded on two or more forms can be aggregated to make a full term equivalent so that an 'end of period' assessment form can be completed.  The length of the induction period for part time NQTs is the total number of days in the academic year of the school in which they first started induction; each 'end of period' form should be completed one-third of the way through this total number of days.

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Download the current (September 2012) assessment form above; please ensure you use this and complete all sections. 

Previously, there were separate forms for assessment periods, which had to be completed anew each time.  There was also a separate form for third period 'pass' and third period 'fail' - i.e. five different forms.

This new version is a cumulative record for all periods, which can be adapted and added to throughout induction and should therefore save time.  Please ensure that you alter the information as appropriate for the current assessment period so the Steering Group knows how much induction the NQT has completed.

We no longer require that all evidence for the judgement is recorded on the assessment form.  Instead, the assessment form should be completed in conjuction with the NQT Assessment Framework (below) and evidence for judgements recorded there.

A few users have found that on opening the document their versions of Word default to the reviewing option.  We apologise for any inconvenience this causes; unfortunately it is in the user's settings and cannot be prevented by ourselves. Information about how to turn this off can be found at



NQT Assessment Framework
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The Assessment Framework should be used as a cumulative document throughout induction and referred to during review and assessment meetings.  Evidence for any judgements on the assessment form should be recorded in this document as it may be required in case of queries.

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