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24th March 19
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NQT Support

Click on the title above to download the essential information for NQTs working in Lancashire, which summarises the guidance on your rights and responsibilities as an NQT, where you can and cannot undertake induction, the duration of short term supply and guidance on working as a supply teacher in Lancashire.

When I get my first job how do I find out who my induction tutor is?


The headteacher of your school has responsibility for appointing your induction tutor, if you are not told, ask.

What are our roles and responsibilities?


The Statutory Guidance provides details of the roles and resposibilities of the various parties involved in induction  Please download the guidance for more details, including NQT entitlements.

NQTs who will be changing posts during induction are strongly recommended to obtain and keep a copy of any assessment forms that have been completed.

How soon do I need to start induction?


There is presently no time limit between gaining Qualified Teacher Status and starting Induction, although you should try to do so as soon as possible.

There is a limit on the number of terms for which you may carry out casual supply work.  See Supply Teaching as an NQT for more details.

If I'm experiencing problems during my NQT year who do I contact?


Your first point of contact will be your induction tutor.