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10th December 19
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The Newly Qualified Teachers Steering Group meets on a regular basis to co-ordinate, monitor and evaluate the provision for induction of NQTs across Lancashire Local Authority.

It is responsible for the planning and delivery of training for NQTs and Induction Tutors and for the development of support materials. It receives copies of the termly assessment forms submitted by schools following formal review meetings with their NQTs and arranges for the decisions of the LEA to be communicated to the General Teaching Council and the Secretary of State.  

See 'assessment forms' for the correct address for submitting termly assessments.



Lee Pimlott, Chair of the NQT Stering Group and Area South (Primary) 01257 516166

Julie Fryer, NQT Adviser Area North (Primary) 01257 516166

Sarah Watson, NQT Adviser Area East (Primary) 01257 516166

Alison Hartley (NQT Secondary School Adviser) 01257 516166

For matters relating to assessment forms or NQT registration please contact Kate Armstrong or Kath Kennard on 01257 516100