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Photographs taken in Lancashire during winter.

Winter Sunset

Winter sunset

Winter sunset
( 247 k)

A Winter along Morecambe coastline

B Winter along Morecambe coastline

C Winter along Morecambe coastline

D Winter along Morecambe coastline

Morecambe A
( 131 k)
Morecambe B
( 150 k)
Morecambe C
( 119 k)
Morecambe D
( 131 k)

Crook O'Lune

Photographs from the Crook O'Lune taken in January.

Photograph of Crook O\'Lune

 Photograph a

Photograph of Crook O\'Lune

Photograph b

Photograph of Crook O\'Lune

Photograph c

Photograph of Crook O\'Lune

Photograph d

Crook O'Lune - photograph A
( 188 k)
Crook O'Lune - photograph B
( 190 k)
Crook O'Lune - photograph C
( 251 k)
Crook O'Lune - photograph D
( 103 k)

Sunset in Lytham - Keith Burroughs

Winter in Lytham


Winter Hailstones

Winter Hailstones

Hailstones (top picture)
( 503 k)
Hailstones (bottom picture)
( 355 k)

The squirrel (feeding)

Squirrel feeding in winter  

( 263 k)

Can you identify the bird of prey?

Winter bird of prey

Winter bird of prey

Bird of Prey (top photograph)
( 279 k)
Bird of Prey (bottom photograph)
( 256 k)

Film of bird of prey- A
( 1963 k)
Film of Bird of Prey - B
( 1961 k)

A frosty day (Preston)

Winter frosty day in winter  

Frosty day photograph
( 324 k)
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