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16th June 19
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Lancashire habitats

Data from different habitats in Lancashire will be presented in this section of the website. You will also find sound data from different areas in the 'Noisiest place in Lancashire' section.

Use the tabs on the left to navigate to he different options.


You will find questions for most of the data sets on the pages where they are presented. The following questions could be used to compare the different data sets from the different seasons.

1. What differences are seen between the sets of data for:
a) temperature readings
b) sound readings
c) humidity readings
d) light readings?

2. What differences are there betweeen sunrise, sunset and daylength?
Provide evidence - Hint: a table of results for each set would highlight your answers

3. Desribe what you think the weather was like on each of the days represented.

4. What do you think might cause the sound levels to rise during the night?

5. What are the highest and lowest readings in all the data sets for:
a) temperature
b) light
c) sound
d) humidity