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16th June 19

Magic Ducks

The Magic Ducks experiments and activities will appear on this site. They are designed to introduce students the skill of prediction. The experiment is aimed at reception pupils.

Magic Ducks

Investigation - What colour?

There are four magic ducks; a black duck, an orange duck, a red (maroon) duck and a purple duck.

The ducks are magic because they can change colour but this can only happen if they swim in warm water.


Our first task is to say what might happen in our experiment e.g. what colour the ducks might go. This is called the prediction.

"ask questions [for example, 'How?', 'Why?', 'What will happen if ... ?'] and decide how they might find answers to them " - National Curriculum - Science

The table below shows the colour of the ducks at the start of the experiment and it has a coloumn for your prediction and what happens when the experiment happens.


Colour of the duck

at the start of the experiment

My prediction

The colour I think the duck will go

The colour the duck was

at the end of the experiment

Am I right?

(Was my prediction correct?)


Black Duck

the black duck








Orange Duck

the orange duck








Red ( Maroon) Duck

the red (maroon) duck








Purple Duck

the purple duck









Click on the results button to find out what happened in the experiment