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The School Leadership and Management Development Team:
  • Responds to schoolsÂ’ demand for management support and training
  • Provides models and support for the validation of school self-evaluation
  • Promotes the development of middle management skills
  • Enables schools, through brokering services and disseminating good practice, to take responsibility themselves for the effectiveness of their leadership and management.

The team consists of both School Advisers and a dedicated team of client support, administration and MIS staff with a wealth of experience in the creation, development and maintenance of a range of leadership and management programmes for teachers in schools.



Welcome to the website for the School Leadership and Management Development Team.

 SLAMDT is responsible for:

  • Support for school self-evaluation.
  • Leadership and Management training and consultancy programmes.
  • Induction programmes for headteachers, deputy and assistant headteachers.
  • The acting headteacher Mentoring Programme.
  • Support for the induction of newly qualified teachers (NQTs).
  • Recognition and sharing of good, best and innovative practice through the Learning Excellence Award and other national accreditation schemes.
  • Support for school based performance management. 
  • Support for potential school leaders.
  • Support for leadership development and middle management.
  • Links with the National College for Leadership of Schools and Children's Serices.

Each of these programmes has a key role to play in ensuring that Lancashire schools are well led and that every school leader remains a learner at every point of their career.

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