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Curriculum Development
Curriculum Development Case Studies

To make it easier for you to find what you are looking for, we have separated our 'Curriculum' based projects into different categories.  Please select one below:

Early Years



including outdoor play, Key Workers, Foundation Stage Units and Emergent Writing

including using ICT in the primary curriculum and the use of Video Conferencing

including thinking skills, reading for fun, speaking and listening, role play, special interest weeks, reading club and independent learning

 Numeracy   Creativity   Boys' Attainment

 Removing barriers for EAL learners, maths across the curriculum, raising standards at KS1, more able pupils.

 Projects towards a more creative curriculum.

 Projects to enhance boys' achievement and enjoyment.

 Innovative Approaches

 Modern Foreign Languages

Cross Curricular Projects

 Well-being sessions, creative timetabling, sharing resources between schools, 'real life curriculum' personalised learning, intensive revision, etc.

Developing speaking and listening through MFL, introducing MFL in primary schools. 

 'Walking on Sunshine' excellence and enjoyment, writing across curriculum areas.




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