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25th September 18
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image of the Learning Excellence Award plaqueCase Studies from Award winners

The Learning Excellence Award is about helping schools to share good practice. Here, you will find information from the 150+ projects that have won awards so far. If a project interests you, why not download the full case study in PDF format? Then, if you feel inspired to learn more, you can contact the staff involved in the project.

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All our case studies have been categorised.  Click on the links below to view the category you are interested in.  Alternatively, type a keyword into the search facility on the left.

Assessment, target setting and tracking

Behaviour and attendance

 including Assessment for learning, pupil progress charts, use of data, target setting, feedback through audio files and person centred and annual reviews

 including positive behaviour management strategies, anti-bullying projects, assertive discipline, attendance initiatives and lunchtime organisation

Culture and Ethos


 including physical activity, wellbeing sessions, pupil and stakeholder voice, improving pupil morale, healthy eating, Masterclass, work placements, home/school partnerships, community involvement

 nurture groups, Musical Futures, barriers for EAL, communication skills with Speech Therapists, dyslexia project, provision for AGT pupils, special schools working with mainstream schools, providing for medical needs, learning mentors, multisensory room

 Professional Development

 Workforce Reform

 Initial teacher training, CPD frameworks

 Various projects whose need was identified through self-evaluation

 Curriculum Development:

 Other projects

raising standards through collaboration