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21st September 18
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How do we apply?



Application Guidance Booklet

You should complete an electronic version of the (in MS Word) after reading the Guidance Booklet (see the downloadable pdf below).  We estimate that applying takes about 2 hours.

When considering which level of award to apply for, please see the criteria for each level, consider carefully which best applies to your project and ensure that the information you provide addresses these criteria.

For schools that buy into the School Service Guarantee, there is no charge for applications and no requirement to send supporting evidence with your initial application. You must, however, indicate on your application what evidence is available if required by the accreditation panel. Schools that do not buy into the SSG will be required to purchase the services of a school adviser for a visit to verify their application.

All completed applications should be sent to:

Advisory Support, Community Education Centre, Union Street, Chorley, PR71EB

We would also appreciate an electronic copy of your application, emailed to

N.B. If you experience difficulty typing into this form, view the 'forms' toolbar and unprotect the boxes by clicking on the padlock icon.

(P.S. - don't forget to save it to your computer!)

Posted: 29th Jan 2010 Download application advice notes : Adobe Acrobat file (101.3k)

The Advice Notes contain tips on the information that should be included in each completed section.

These are essential reading before you complete an application.

Please ensure that when you complete the application form you indicate at least two pieces of evidence for each section.  Applications that do not indicate available evidence will be returned to the sender.

Posted: 9th Dec 2011 Download the guidance booklet : Adobe Acrobat file (1005.4k)

The Guidance notes contain a complete background to the Award, information about the accreditation process and exemplar applications.

Please note that we no longer require schools to commit to the award before applying.