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24th September 18
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Posted: 2nd Feb 2012 Coaching and Mentoring throughout the School : Adobe Acrobat file (71.6k)

Crawshawbooth Primary School - Good Practice Award

The outcome of our project is to disseminate outstanding practice through coaching and mentoring of all teachers, teaching assistants and staff in order to raise the teaching from 'good' to 'good with outstanding features'.

The ethos of the school is one of team work with an atmosphere of staff learning from each other with good self-evaluation skills.

We achieved the Good Practice Award in 2010 for AfL and the Creative Curriculum and we wanted to build on this by developing the Coaching project throughout the school in order to raise attainment in teaching, particularly in Literacy.

All staff received Coaching training from the adviser. This has been followed up by regular staff meetings to focus on coaching linked to the Boys' Writing Project and AfL (our school improvement priorities). Performance management targets are linked tightly to the above SIP priorities

Staff paired up with each other and teachers and teaching assistants to develop coaching with a view to raising the quality of teaching from 'good' to 'good with outstanding features'. Shared lesson observations and self evaluation discussions took place.

After only half a term there has already been a noticeable improvement of the quality of teaching observed during lesson observations.

Posted: 1st Feb 2012 Tracking children from Children's Centre.... : Adobe Acrobat file (71.6k)

through Foundation Stage into Key Stage 1 at Mount Pleasent Primary School.

Mount Pleasant Primary School and Mount Pleasant Children's Centre - Innovative Practice Award.

The project has been to establish consistent and appropriate tracking for children throughout early year's foundation stage using both children's centres in their early education.
This dual approach has helped to ease transition for the children and families, who are familiar with the building and staff as a result of attending the children's centre; it has also established and developed strong working relationships between both the school and the children's centre staff.
As a result of this the children's centre we were able to provide supportive transition sessions in all local schools and Mount Pleasant Nursery. Alongside this, joint home visits were initiated for these children allowing them to register with the children's centre, highlighting and signposting services available.
The project is ongoing within Mount Pleasant School and will be further developed to include the other local primary schools in the future years.

Posted: 2nd Jun 2008 Development of Support Staff at Holy Trinity : Adobe Acrobat file (82k)

Bacup Holy Trinity Stacksteads C.E. Primary School

• Many support staff joined our school without any formal qualifications- they had a flair and enthusiasm for their jobs and many skills which we as a school wanted to build upon for the benefit of the children, other staff members in school and for the individual themselves. The prior experience and qualifications of our support staff varied considerably, therefore individual needs had to be addressed. I was appointed as support staff line manager to develop an ongoing programme to address the individual needs of the professional development of support staff in our school.
• A "pool" of support staff was created within school.
• All support staff - old and new - received a school induction programme.
• A yearly performance management interview was introduced where views and aspirations were listened to and, if possible, acted upon for the benefit of the person, the school development and the children-encompassing EveryChild Matters.
• Challenging development targets are produced ensuring support staff work at a high quality professional level.
•  A professional development programme was introduced for each member of the support staff team and each person has been encouraged to be involved.
• The professional development of our support staff has been a challenging yet rewarding process. Most importantly the performance of teaching and learning has improved by raising standards of professionalism across the school.

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Clifton Primary School (Best Practice Award)


• This project was concerned with enabling staff to feel fully valued and a necessary part of the team approach to education as a whole. Through our work enjoyment of learning and standards have been raised and staff well being, professional development and team spirit has been enhanced and developed.

• All staff now has an active part within school development and the raising of standards and are able to take a lead role in specific areas, looking to the improvement of a quality and creative curriculum for all of our pupils.

• Together we have created an atmosphere and culture of all working towards the same goals through the clear implementation of an equal structure of professional review for all.