Lancashire Education Award

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25th September 18
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What is the Award about?




The Award is about sharing good practice between educational establishments.


Schools and children's centres that are willing to share information about successful projects can apply for a Lancashire Education Award. If the accreditation panel considers that their project meets the criteria, they receive a certificate and the right to use the Lancashire Educaion Award logo on their promotional materials.


Information about the successful project is published on this website so that colleagues in other establishments can read it and contact the staff involved for more details. 


See case studies for examples of winners so far.


Award criteria




From self-evaluations, establishments identify an aspect of their work that shows particular strengths. They complete an application form and provide evidence to support their application for the Award under one of three categories as below.


INNOVATIVE PRACTICE: will be recognised where it:

  • involves new or different approaches and strategies;
  • arises from action research or develops as a result of new ideas or thinking
  • is groundbreaking for Lancashire schools and
  • has value.


GOOD PRACTICE: will be recognised where it is clear that the implementation:

  • has explicit links to raising standards;
  • has/will have a positive impact on pupil's learning and achievement;
  • is supported by good planning in the initial stage and longer term;
  • emanates from a need identified through research or analysis;
  • is disseminated across the school; and
  • will lead to further developments.

BEST PRACTICE: this will be recognised where it is clear that good practice is:

  • improved as a result of evaluation and refinement;
  • embedded in the organisational patterns of the school;
  • a feature of the work of the school and contributes to the realisation of the school's aims and ethos;
  • known and recognised as a strength by members of the wider community and;
  • planned to be sustained.

The above levels are not a hierarchy and the Award panel may decide to award a different category to that applied for.  For example, if a school applies for an Innovative Practice award for a project that the panel considers meets all the criteria for a Good Practice award, this is the level that will be awarded. 


There is no application fee, and establishments may apply for awards for more than one aspect of practice, or may choose to apply in association with other establishments as part of a network.


The award application must be supported by a school adviser.  Schools who participate in the SSG service may wish to include this as part of an SSG visit.  Schools who do not participate will need to buy an adviser in to assess and, where appropriate, confirm support for the application.