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Download ways to support your child\'s language developmentProduced by Lancashire Ethnic Minority, Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Achievement this leaflet supports parents whose educational or literacy background may be limited.
Download Engaging parents and children in EYFS profile assessment The guidance note is for local authority early years and assessment advisors, headteachers and all practitioners working with reception-age children. The aim is to support practitioners in developing dialogue with parents and children, empowering them to engage actively in assessment. Having a forum for shared voices enables all contributors to participate on equal terms. This in turn ensures that scale point judgements are based on a holistic picture of a child, drawn from multiple perspectives.
Early Years Communication, Language and Literacy Development  - FAQCommunication, Language and Literacy Development (CLLD): implications for children for whom English is an additional language (EAL)
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Self Evaluation of EAL Practice in the Foundation Stage

Guidance for Practitioners in the Early Years Foundation Stage

There are increasing numbers of children entering Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) settings for whom English is not the dominant language in the home.  Many practitioners in settings across he country already work successfully with children adn families who peak langauges other than English.  For some there will be one or two langauge groups represented in their setting; for others the population may be linguistically and culturally very diverse.  For growing numbers of settings, providing care and learning opportunities for children and families new to English, or at various stages of proficiency, is a new experience.

This guidance is set within the themes, principles and commitments of the EYFS and should be read in conjunction with the Principles into Practice cards.

Ref.  006832007 BKT-EN

Copies available from:   or   www.teachernet.govuk/publications

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Posted: 28th Apr 2011 Guidance notes: Assessing children learning EAL : Adobe Acrobat file (211.5k)

This guidance is for local authority advisers, foundation stage profile moderators and all practitioners working with reception-age and year 1 children who are learning English as an additional language.

It aims to clarify existing information and give further support to practitioners who are assessing the attainment of these children for the foundation stage profile.

This guidance invites all practitioners to reflect on the quality of their provision for children of Black African and Black Caribbean heritage or any mixed Black background. Set within the themes and principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), this publication is one of a set of Early Years Foundation Stage materials giving additional guidance on inclusion. By challenging attitudes and asking sometimes difficult questions we aim to encourage practitioners to give due regard to the specific backgrounds and circumstances of all their children, thereby improving the quality of their experiences.