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20th January 19
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English as an Additional Language

School Inspection Update, Ofsted, June 2016

Advice to Inspectors about the English Levels of Proficiency for EAL pupils:
"It is not known yet whether the numbers of pupils at each proficiency stage will be published in future data. However, schools should have this information available if inspectors require it, for example where EAL learners form a significant proportion of the school population or where EAL is an inspection trail."

English as an Additional Language

'In making judgements, inspectors will pay particular attention to the outcomes for...learners for whom English is an additional language' (Ofsted, The Common Inspection Framework, 2015)

The EMGRT Achievement Service provides advice, training and tutor support for schools who wish to ensure that they are providing the high quality support necessary to ensure that new arrivals and other EAL learners achieve their full potential. 

We offer the following services:

  • Tutor support for EAL learners
  • Advice for schools
  • Support for EAL Co-ordinators
  • Staff Training
  • Interpretation and Translation
  • First Language Assessment

To find out more about these services use the tabs on the left of this page.


How to arrange for EAL support

To refer, please complete the e-form on the portal. 


                                 Look under  'E' for EAL.  



A member of our team will then contact you to arrange a visit to give advice (free of charge to Lancashire schools for new arrivals) and to discuss any further support.


For any queries or to arrange any other support (such as staff training, support for EAL co-ordinators, interpretation) please contact our office on: