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15th April 21

GRT History Month

The month of June is GRT History Month.

"Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month celebrates the diverse ways that Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities add to the vibrancy of life in the UK and recognises the varied contributions that these communities have made to British society historically and today"

Raise awareness of the GRT community and help counteract negative stereotypes


Stay Home! Stay Safe!

A competition to celebrate Gypsy, Roma and Traveller history month

Congratulations to our winners!

Students from Sir Tom Finney Community High School

NEW Teaching Pack! KS2 and KS3


During GRTHM, June 2020, the theatre production of Crystal's Vardo was available online. To accompany the play a pack of teaching material has been released. 

The pack covers a variety of topics for both KS2 and KS3 pupils, and is a useful resource on it's own, as well as using alongside the play.

For more FFT resources click here

2 Art Packs


2 Art Packs

For GRTHM June 2019 why not explore some modern and traditional art with your pupils?

We have two lesson ideas in the form of Power Points - click on the images below to access them

This is what Key Worker & Vulnerable children from The Roebuck School have produced. Thank you!


You many also be interested in showing your pupils this 4 minute video, where an elderly Irish Traveller woman speaks about the old 'Gypsy Ways'.

GYPSY WAYS from Romani Arts on Vimeo.

Links to Other Resources and Ideas


Amnesty International have lesson plans on Travellers' Rights for KS4:

The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust Site has lots of useful resources, including an article, 'The Story of Europe's Nomads':

GRTHM London have lots of educational resources:

Twinkl and The Traveller Movement have produced a GRT History Month resource pack that you can download from a free account:

The Traveller Movement  (with the support of DLCG) have produced a video #Don't Teach Hate where children share hate speech they have heard:

GRT History Month Competition 2019


 “My Roots, My Routes”

What are your roots? Where does your family come from? Are they from Britain, or elsewhere? What is your background or culture? Tell us why you are proud of your roots.   Also tell us about your routes!  Which places are special to you and your family? 


Congratulations to our two winners!

Chorley St Marys Catholic Primary School




Marsden Heights Community College


The standard of entries was great, thank you, but these two Schools really stood out.

GRT History Month


Gypsies, Roma and Travellers are the largest ethnic minority community in the European Union with over 12 million people across the EU and some 300,000 in the UK. In many countries,  they are marginalised and sometimes suffer extreme levels of prejudice and discrimination.

Gypsy Roma and Traveller History Month was established in Britain in 2008 as a way of raising awareness of these communities and their contributions to society, and to offset negative stereotyping and prejudices.

GRT History Month takes place in June, but these could be used at any point of the year. Examples of previous GRTHM resources can be accessed in the resources section of the sidebar.