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27th March 19
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Leadership & Management

This area provides guidance on the leadership of whole school improvement in the areas of behaviour and attendance across all phases. It is also possible to use the link on our front page to find examples of more resources and course materials on our Behaviour and Attendance Moodle.

To use this site follow the links on the left or use the tiles below to find the aspect you are looking for.

In addition to the information contained on this website we provide CPD opportunities both in school and externally on a wide range of behaviour and attendance related issues. We have more than 8 years of successful experience supporting schools to improve standards in behaviour and attendance through training and consultancy appropriate to the needs of the individual.

Our contact details can be found on the front page if you would like further support and guidance. For Lancashire schools schools from District numbers 1,2,4,6,7,9 should contact Helen whilst schools in Districts 8,11,12,13,14 should contact Lorimer.

If you  are looking for information about the BEHAVIOUR QUALITY MARK click here

If you  are looking for information about the LANCASHIRE BEHAVIOUR SUPPORT TOOL click here

What is the statutory guidance for behaviour and attendance?

How do OFSTED rate behaviour and attendance? How can we be effective at self evaluation in behaviour and attendance?
How can we use legal interventions to  support improved attendance? What is an effective behaviour and attendance policy  and framework? How are we measured and what is expected for behaviour and attendance?
How do we deal with challenging behaviour?                                                      THE LANCASHIRE BEHAVIOUR SUPPORT TOOL What is Persistent Absence and what does it mean for us? Are our levels of exclusion acceptable?