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22nd October 21
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Lancashire Behaviour Support Tool

Lancashire is committed to achieving excellent outcomes for its children and young people.  Our aim for all our young people is for them to have the best possible start in life so that all have the opportunity to fulfill their learning potential.  Schools and other settings should be safe and orderly places where all children and young people can learn and develop.

The consequences of behaviour which challenges others can, if not addressed effectively, impact negatively on individual pupils and groups of pupils.  The need for the Local Authority, schools and other partners to work together to address behavioural issues is essential if we are to promote high standards of achievement and attainment for all.

The purpose of the Behaviour Support tool is to produce accessible, and accurate information for schools and settings in one place, on sources of training, support and advice led by Lancashire services and clear pathways in relation to meeting pupil's social, emotional and behavioural needs.


  1. To develop safe, calm and ordered school environments within which pupils are able to learn and develop and thrive.
  2. To develop skills for emotional literacy, positive social relationships and emotional health and well-being among pupils to take into their adult lives beyond school.
  3. To Improve capacity within our schools and other settings to include all our pupils including those children and young people who, at times, may present very challenging behaviour, as a result of a variety of factors originating both within the child or young person or resulting from their social environment.
  4. To ensure a continuum of provision and support to meet individual needs, including those who may require specialist provision for some or all of their schooling and for differing periods of time.
  5. To reduce the proportion of children who are excluded from school.
  6. To develop a more effective and aligned partnership working, which promotes early intervention and timely support in addressing the needs of children and young people, who are at risk or in need of additional support as a result of their behavioural, emotional and/or social difficulties.

For further information regarding behaviour support in Lancashire contact:

Helen Smith

Audrey Swann-


The tool can be accessed by downloading the file from the top of this page.

The tool provides guidance on strategies to support challenging students through a pathways approach. Advice on how to use strategies and also additional information on available support services can be found within the document.